"The role of stress and anxiety in many patients’ mental or psychosomatic problems is easy to recognise, but not so easy to remedy. AT has an impressive record of effectiveness in stress-related conditions. I can safely recommend it as an adjunct or alternative to medical treatments or psychotherapy.”

Dr Roger Neighbour: Past President, Royal College of GPs

OBE DSc FRCGP FRCP, Past President RCGP, Patron British Autogenic Society



Annette was recommended to me by my osteopath who found that all the wonderful work she did was undone by my bodies constant return to a state of 'stress'.  I was sceptical at first especially as we would never actually meet in person but communicate through regular sessions on Skype and emails. I should not have worried, Annette is caring, professional and with just the right amount of humility to make me feel as though she was a friend right from the start. Autogenic Training has allowed me to achieve things that I never could with mindfulness and I have seen my practise over the weeks allow me to take a more mindful approach to life. My stress levels are significantly lower, my blood pressure has benefited and I see my osteopath a lot less which means I am more pain free than before the training.  Annette has taught me skills that I can use throughout my life and to say it's been life changing is no exaggeration. I can't thank her enough for the positive effect her sessions have had on my life without even having to leave the comfort of my own home! 

Dr. Pat Costello


Annette taught me A T in 2000 and it has been my good friend ever since.
I had practiced relaxation previous to this and I have explored other methods since,
and gained from them, but AT is my home.
It has become the steadying background hum to my life and an anchor in hard times.
How fortunate I am to have found such a simple yet profound system and a gentle
and encouraging teacher. I couldn't be more grateful.


A T is a brilliant technique. It has helped me to cope in stressful situations, relax when
tense and get back to sleep during the night. I am very glad I did Annette's course.

Bill O'Connell
Director Focus on Solutions


-       'I became a patient of Annette Brown when I suffered a heart attack in 1994.  I needed 'stress management' as my mind never stopped but ran on adrenaline most of the time sorting problems.  Hence the heart attack.  She introduced me to Autogenics.  It took me three months of repetitive practice to learn the technique.  At every stage Annette was able to answer every question and query that I put to her.  I realised that I was in very safe and experienced hands which gave me the confidence to continue.  Practising Autogenics I found for the first time in my life that I could still my busy brain.  As time has gone on it has changed my whole life to a healthier one.  I had learnt a technique that could give me a life of inner peace and calm.  I will always be heavily indebted to Annette for that gift.  It has helped me realise that 'heaven' is not some other place to be reached but is inside each one of us.     -        

-       HH Ian Morris - Worcester UK



" I had two TIAs (mini strokes) within a week, out of the blue and with no risk factors while on holiday in Dublin. This threw my confidence enormously and looking back I can see that I was (inevitably) very anxious.

I started AT with Annette three weeks later. I found it quite hard to begin with, but the beneficial effects soon became apparent. Having just completed my "training" I feel much more whole, at ease and relaxed and able to sit lightly to problems and deal with them when I want to, rather than feeling under pressure to sort things straight away.

I still live under threat of a major stroke at any time, but feel able to live life fully and openly in the meantime. Se final exercise using a deep, expansive smile makes me feel full of love and gratitude, and as a consequence able to counteract the awful news stories we are assaulted by every day. And I can do this even if I can't get out of a chair! "

Dr. AB (retired Physician)


"Autogenic Training has proved to be an invaluable 'tool' and aid to relaxation. A simple but effective technique, this can be practised and used at any time and in any place. I would highly recommend this course to a range of people, as there are evident benefits both to health and functioning."

LJ (Teacher)


As a Rifle Target Shooter I had heard a few people mention AT as something worth doing that might help me with my shooting.

I am always looking for any advantage I can find like a lot of sports people do.

As soon as I started my AT training I quickly realised what a massive benefit it was going to be, not only to my shooting but also to day to day life.

Annette has be fantastic not only the best AT coach one could hope for but also a very calming person to be around.

Another big benefit for me was that I could talk to Annette about any problems I might be having with my shooting, we could then work through ideas and ways AT and other methods might help me.

I cannot praise Annette enough fantastic.

Henry Nickless

Target Rifle Shooter


My GP suggested I try AT for stress management and more specifically to help cope with my key trigger 'fight or flight' situations. In all honesty I thought this would be yet another therapy to add to the endless list that didn't work for me. I'm so thankfully that I was wrong, finally something that actually worked!

Misha (Hereford)


I was first introduced to Autogenic Training twelve years ago by Annette Brown - as part of a 'toolbox' of options to help with stress management and relaxation.

Since then, it has become an essential part of  my day to day well-being. I find that the practice is simple and straightforward and seems to address a full range of issues; it definitely helps me with stress and heightened anxiety levels but also seems to lift low mood and depression.  Even if I have not used the technique for several weeks, I find that I can pick up the practice and 'tap back into' the relaxed autogenic state fairly easily.  For me, when emotions and the fast pace of life are taking hold, I know that I can increase my AT practice and restore a sense of equilibrium and calm.  

-       N.A. (Retired Teacher, Worcester) 


So, what I would say about AT is that at it's best, it's a wonderful tool to aid a person struggling to overcome internal resistance to the unraveling of unhelpful conditioning, and at it's worst, when your whole body is tense and pulsating with the energy of a totally unjustified sense of absolute and imminent dread, you're feeling restless and completely incapable of relaxing, your mind has frozen and you have to fight to remember the next part of the exercise, at least with AT you have something tangible to fight for rather than facing the vast and uncontrollable desert of despair, without anything to hold on to.

P.D.  (Malvern)


 "I have recently completed an AT course with Annette and although I still have some way to go, I feel more relaxed in stressful situations, eg getting the results of a recent CT scan, and I am less indecisive than before! Previously, I weighed up decisions for ages then had serious doubts I'd made the right choice. Since completing the course, I still take time to make up my mind but once a decision is made, I am able to put it out of my mind. I intend to continue practising and who knows where I'll be in a few months time."

C.S.  (Malvern)


Since I have been practising Autogenics I have got more energy, I am less anxious and my concentration has improved. I would thoroughly recommend it.

Anne L.  (Worcester)