'Taking up Yoga again at the age 50, after a hiatus of many years, has been both a revelation and confirmation to me.On the one hand, Yoga has revealed that strength and flexibility can be mine. On the other hand, somehow I knew that this was true, given my active and healthy lifestyle. As my body increases in flexibility with each week of class, my dedication to the practice increases as well. With the practice comes a new peace of mind through the process of Yoga.'

 Mindy Lorenz, Yoga student quoted in 'The New Yoga for People Over 50'

                                                           Suza Francina




Details of the class Annette teaches in Malvern.


Since her first Yoga class in 1971 Annette has been fortunate to have worked with inspiring and caring teachers from several traditions. Training as a Dru Yoga teacher over 4 years starting in 2003 brought yet another dimension to her practice.

The style of Yoga Annette teaches has been informed by the years of varied practice, her knowledge of bio mechanical principles from 27 years of Remedial Massage work and her own search for ways to touch and release old patterns of stress and tension in the body and around the breath.

Using Yoga to release these patterns makes the practice a journey to a deep state of stillness in the body and in the mind. It can feel like arriving,'home' in the body. Creating the union or joining of body and mind in the present moment is often described as being at the heart of Yoga.

Stilling the chattering mind, softening and creating space in the body with awareness, slowing down and paying attention  - this is the essence of the Yoga Annette teaches.

 Dru Yoga sequences, traditional breathing practices and deep relaxation all feature in the class.



                 Class dates and details for the Autumn Term

The Lotus Group

This group grew out of a request for a gentle form of Yoga and it is a chair based class for women. Many of the movements work equally well either sitting or standing. 

Gentle movements, breath work, mindfulness meditation and deep relaxation combine to make this a healing and accessible experience for older students or for any woman preferring a less physically demanding form of Yoga. 

The Lotus Group meets on Monday mornings 11.00am - 12.15pm

At The Friends Meeting House, Orchard Road, Great Malvern

Payment is by donation with a suggested minimum of £6.00 

Dates for the Spring Term 2015:

5th January - 30th March with no class on 9th February


 For further information about the class please contact Annette at  beingstillab@gmail.com     

  Call 07882 724496          01684 566652