How is Autogenic Training taught?

AT is taught by a qualified practitioner over nine or ten sessions each lasting between 60 and 90 minutes at weekly intervals if possible. I hold small group classes and also teach one to one. In response to demand I also teach via Skype or Face Time. This has proved popular as it is flexible and saves any journey time.

You will receive an Autogenic Questionnaire to complete and have with you during the pre-course interview. During this initial session we look at factors affecting your health and wellbeing and how AT may help.

The training itself is straight forward and simple. It involves the mental repetition of a series of phrases relating to the body in its relaxed state while maintaining an attitude of passive concentration. In this way the awareness is held in the present moment and the outcome, with practice, is a profound state of stillness and rest. The AT phrases or formulas are repeated in a sitting or lying position with the eyes lightly closed.

There are also brief, one-line phrases which can be used throughout the day, eyes open, whenever it is desirable and safe to 'dip' into the relaxed state.

 The style of the practice is meditative and AT can be seen as a form of both relaxation and meditation. 

Using Autogenic Training

The eight week course is an opportunity to make a committment to practice regularly. It does take this committment over time to form new patterns of thinking and habits.

Approximately eight weeks after the end of the course there is a further session to review progress and to learn a final exercise.

From then on you are your own 'therapist' and AT becomes a good friend. The exercises can be practiced almost anywhere, e.g. in bed, on trains, on a park bench, on busses, planes, in waiting rooms, at your desk, in a scanner. It is the ultimate, 'portable' stress reduction technique. 

 For further information see the British Autogenic website:

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