Relaxation through Autogenic Training in person.

Autogenic Training or AT offers a simple and reliable way to reduce the symptoms of stress.

I teach one to one or to small groups in Malvern, Worcestershire.

The first session is always one to one, lasting approximately one hour and fifteen minutes and is offered free of charge.

Follow on sessions last between one hour and one hour thirty minutes and cost £35 per session.

The total number of sessions to complete the course will be between eight and ten with eight at approximately weekly intervals and a follow up session two months after the last of the eight.

Every student is asked to complete a pre-course assessment questionnaire so that the technique can be adapted to the requirements of each individual.


What Is Autogenic Training?

Autogenic Training or AT is a self-help practice which induces relaxation and relief from the negative effects of stress.

AT consists of a series of simple, easily learned mental exercises which link body and mind together in association with deep relaxation.

Working as a guided mindfulness practice, the Autogenic exercises take the individual's awareness to feelings and sensations in various parts of the body which are closely associated with the relaxed state.

In this way the awareness is held in the present moment and the outcome, with practice, is a profound state of stillness and rest in which the relaxation response builds and the stress response is reduce.

During a session the mental exercises for the week ahead are introduced and practiced with plenty of time for feedback and questions. These mental exercises are repeated for a few minutes every day.

The exercises can be practiced almost anywhere and there are short 'quick fix' techniques which can be used, e.g. if panic or anxiety is rising or if there is the need to focus, concentrate or to clear the mind. The longer exercises, which deeply relax the body, are practiced sitting or lying comfortably.

Significant changes can occur within weeks and sometimes within days. Below are a few commonly reported benefits from the practice of AT:

Improved sleep

Improved general health and resistance to disease

Ability to relax

Reduction of panic and anxiety

Reduced muscular tension

Increased tolerance of stress

Increased enjoyment of life

Also see the British Autogenic Society website:

How to get started

Contact me, Annette Brown, to set up an initial session.


Phone: 07882 724496