The guided relaxations on the BEING STILL App teach simple, body-based techniques designed to help us all cope with the stresses of modern life. Annette Brown has fifteen years experience of teaching relaxation techniques to individuals and small groups; for several years she taught stress management in the private sector and for Local Government Authorities.

Annette is a Yoga and Relaxation for Living teacher and a member of The British Autogenic Society.

Tension Awareness Movements 11:15

These simple movements reveal patterns of tension in the body and release them. They are quick to do and easy to learn from the explanation and guided talk through on this track.

Short Body Scan 06:55

This is ideal when you have a moment to step out of the busy forward flow of life and take a restful pause. It is also useful as a wind down before sleep. Taking awareness through the body, softening areas of held tension will start to quieten the chattering mind.


Garden Visualisation 05:27

As the body rests the mind can be focused on the positive experience of being in a garden. Visualise your own imaginary garden or bring to mind a garden you know. Regular practice can turn the garden into your own peaceful sanctuary and a safe place to deeply rest. 


Deep Relaxation 12:10

This practice shifts awareness away from a busy mind to the feelings and sensations in your body. Feeling the relaxed muscles and the calm breath begins to quieten the mental activity.

Yoga Nidra 25:05

Yoga Nidra is said to create a perfect state of relaxation. The instructions rotate awareness around the body and once the process becomes familiar you realise it is indeed a systematic method for inducing complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation.


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