-       “AT is a simple but effective way of tapping into our natural self-healing processes. I know from first-hand experience that practising AT is almost like being immunised against the stresses of daily life. I highly recommend it.”

-       Dr Roger Neighbour


-       OBE DSc FRCGP FRCP, Past President RCGP, Patron British Autogenic Society


What is Autogenic Training?

Autogenic Training or Therapy is a self help technique which brings about deep relaxation and relief from the negative effects of stress. 

Autogenic Training (AT) consists of simple and easily learned mental exercises which link the mind and body,  turning off the 'fight or flight mechanism' and turning on restorative rhythms associated with deep relaxation. Once learnt it is a skill for life. 

The mental exercises direct passive awareness to different areas of the body in turn, releasing tension, relaxing the breath and quietening the mind. AT is used to treat physical and emotional symptoms of stress and for illnesses exacerbated by stress.

It is also used to simply help handle the normal stresses and strains of life and enables us to develop our potential for personal growth, creativity and spirituality. 

Autogenic Training is practiced widely in many parts of the world, and there are reputedly over 3,000 research papers which validate its efficacy in many different areas. It has been clinically applied with success over a range of disorders e.g. high blood pressure, panic attacks, irregular heart rhythms, irritable bowel syndrome,  sleep disorders, muscular pain and tension.






How is it taught?

Annette has practiced AT since 1988 and qualified to teach in 2000 since when she has passed on the technique to many students either one to one or in small groups.

AT is taught over 8 - 10 weeks with the groups meeting for approximately 90 minutes per week and a session for an individual lasting just over an hour. Every student has an initial one to one assessment and is asked to complete a pre-course assessment questionnaire so that the technique can be adapted to the requirements of each individual.

During a session the mental exercises for the week ahead are introduced and practiced with plenty of time for feedback and questions. These mental exercises are repeated for a few minutes every day.

The exercises can be practiced almost anywhere and there are short 'quick fix' techniques which can be used  e.g. if panic or anxiety is rising or if there is the need to focus, concentrate or to clear the mind. The longer exercises which deeply relax the body are practiced sitting or lying comfortably.

Significant changes can occur within weeks and sometimes within days. Below are a few commonly reported benefits from the practice of AT:

Improved sleep

Improved general health and resistance to disease

Ability to relax

Reduction of panic and anxiety

Reduced muscular tension

Increased tolerance of stress

Increased enjoyment of life

Please see the British Autogenic Society website for more detailed information.                         www.autogenic-therapy.org.uk 



AT and Meditation

 The ability to relax is a powerful support to any meditation practice. For anyone who has struggled with a restless body and a chattering mind during meditation,  AT is an invaluable asset.

During AT the mind is trained to focus on the quiet repetition of the mental exercises and the body and breath trained to relax, to release tension. The Autogenic exercises can provide a reliable and achievable transition from the busy 'doing' to the 'being' frame of mind that is a gateway to the  meditative state.


To learn AT takes 8 - 10  sessions of between 1hour and 1hour 30 mins.

This can be one to one or in a small group.

For information about AT, current classes, one to one sessions please contact Annette Brown at beingstillab@gmail.com or call 07882724496  or 01684 566652