What is Autogenic Training or AT?


 Autogenic Training teaches a series of simple, easily learned mental exercises which link body and mind together in association with deep relaxation. These exercises allow the mind to calm itself by switching off the body's stress response. It works as a guided and embodied mindfulness practice which induces deep relaxation and relief from the negative effects of stress.

With regular practice the skill of mental and physical relaxation is learnt and the functioning of the stress response can be kept to an optimum level working positively to energise and to stimulate rather than being debilitating and a possible cause of ill health.

Regular practice of AT for a few minutes 2 or 3 times a day develops the ability to 'switch off' or reduce the stress response or fight / flight / freeze reaction and to trigger the body's natural state of rest / repair and recuperation. Regular experience of this deep state of rest brings balance to inner self regulatory systems of the body.This state of balance boosts the immune system and stimulates the natural healing powers of body and mind. 

Origins of Autogenic Training 

AT was developed nearly 100 years ago by German medical doctors and has been validated by an extensive body of research over the last 80 years. Clinical improvement has been documented in many areas including stress related problems, sleep, mild hypertension, fatigue, anxiety, bladder disorders, irritable bowel syndrome.

As a self-help practice which induces deep relaxation and relief from the negative effects of stress AT has remained true to the original vision of its founders. This was to eliminate people's reliance on a therapist by teaching them to actively regulate their own experience through entering and coming out of deep relaxation by themselves. 


For further information about AT see the British Autogenic Society website:www.autogenic-therapy.org

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