Some guidance on creating a resolution or affirmation during Yoga Nidra practice


There are two opportunities during the practice of Yoga Nidra or Yoga sleep to repeat an affirmation or resolution. This happens when the mind and body are beginning to relax and at this time the deeper levels of our being or the subconscious is very sensitive to a conscious suggestion.

These resolutions or affirmations work in a similar way to the 'post-hypnotic suggestions' used in hypnosis and the 'personal and motivational formulae' used in Autogenic Training.The aim is to plant the seed of an idea into the mind while it is in a relaxed state. It is an opportunity to address a specific area for change, possibly breaking a habit or supporting a particular aspect of your life, aiming for a change in attitude or behaviour. The resolution or affirmation can be repeated at other times during the day e.g. while walking, queuing, waiting for the kettle to boil, waiting to use the photocopier, etc.. This repetition outside of the Yoga Nidra practice will reinforce its message.

Use only one affirmation at a time and allow 3-4 weeks of regular practice for its effects to be felt. The key to constructing a resolution is to know what you want and to express it in a short, simple positive phrase, which is memorable and in your own words.

Here are a few examples of resolutions or affirmations.

My mind is flexible.              I am calm, confident and flexible.
I easily retain and recall my studies. I easily retain information. 
I am loved just as I am. I know I can succeed.
I forgive and release others. I know my limitations. 
Waking does not matter.

Alcohol is giving me up.

I listen to my body. Smoking is giving me up.    
I love and respect myself. My world is beautiful. 
I am at peace with myself. I am full of vitality. 
I sleep at night calm and light.  I am free of panic.