Welcome to Being Still


Being Still is a Complementary Therapy Practice offering courses in Autogenic Training. Learn to relax and better manage the stresses and strains in your life.

Autogenic Training is a mind-body therapy creating inner stillness through profound relaxation and the release of habitually held stress. It works as a guided mindfulness practice and is widely taught not only to support health and wellbeing but also to improve performance in sports and music and to stimulate creative output.

Delivered via Skype/Face Time or in person (group classes or one to one).

For appointments and information please call Annette Brown 

                 01684 566652 or 07882 724496


"The role of stress and anxiety in many patients’ mental or psychosomatic problems is easy to recognise, but not so easy to remedy. AT has an impressive record of effectiveness in stress-related conditions. I can safely recommend it as an adjunct or alternative to medical treatments or psychotherapy.”

Dr Roger Neighbour: Past President, Royal College of GPs

The Being Still Collection of Apps for iPhone and iPad 


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